Jury 2021
Igor Mikhailevskiy
President of the jury (Crimea)
Artistic Director and Founder of the Crimean Chamber Choir, Artistic Director of the Vocal and Choreographic Ensemble Tavria, Emeritus Master of Arts of Ukraine, Emeritus Master of Arts of Crimea, Member of the Choral Society of Russia, Music Advisor of the international choral organization Europe Cantat. Member of international competition jury.
The initiator of numerous Netherlands-Crimea-Netherlands cultural cooperation projects, United Europe, consisting of inviting European orchestras and choirs for concert tours in Crimea and Ukraine.

Igor Mikhailevskiy has conducted the Crimean Choir throughout Europe. For his contribution in choral music he has received numerous awards. Under his direction the Choir won the highest honors and prizes in competitions in Germany in Lindenholzhausen, in Spain in Alava, in Belgium in Maasmachelen, in the Netherlands in Monster, etc.
In France, he has performed in the most prestigious festivals such as the Festival de musique sacrée de Sylvanes, the Choralpines Chamonix Mont Blanc, Musique in Béarn, Pro musica, the International Festival of Provence, Classical music in Aveyron.
Christian Pariot
Member of the Jury (France)
Doctor of music from the University of Toulouse, choir director and ethnomusicologist. Forty years of choral conducting with different ensembles. In particular, in 1999 he created the ensemble Voces intimae with which he won several international competitions: Ankara (Turkey), Middlesborough (England), Pècs (Hungary), Vulbens (Switzerland), Preveza (Greece), Mulhouse, Draguignan, Villandry, Craponne (France). With this choir, he has toured concerts in nearly thirty countries and has sung in major festivals in France and abroad. Won the choir conducting prize at the 18th International Pécs Competition (Hungary) in 2003. Member of the jury of international competitions. Has carried out numerous choral training actions in Africa (Togo, Benin, Morocco, Senegal, Gabon, Congo-Brazzaville, Burundi, Ivory Coast, Ghana). After carrying out several inventory missions of the musical heritage of Burundi on behalf of the cultural services of the Embassy of France, wrote a book on singing in the Burundian tradition (Indirimbo or the genius of orality, Éditions L'Harmattan).
Christoph Andreas Schäfer
Member of the Jury (Germany)
Organist and professional choir director, he has given concerts in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, France, Egypt, Syria and the United States.

Christoph Andreas Schäfer studied church music in Heidelberg and Düsseldorf, completing the state exam. 1986-1990, he was assistant to the KMD Prof.O.G. Blarr at Neander Church in Düsseldorf. His first full-time job took him from 1991 to 1994 as cantor at Walsrode in the Lüneburg Heath. 1994-1998 he worked as a church musician at Christ Church in Freiburg. In addition to being an organist, he devotes himself intensively to the work of choir director with numerous oratorios and world premieres. Concern for contemporary music and the design of unusual church music programs, including jazz and pop music, are among his priorities.
Christoph Andreas Schäfer has been cantor at the Heiliggeistkirche in Heidelberg since 1998. There he directs the Heidelberg Student Choir and founded the Heidelberg Children's Choir and Junge Kantorei Heiliggeist and is the artistic director of the weekly event series "Hour of Church Music ". He is also a lecturer at the University of Music of Friborg and artistic director of the children's and youth choir of Friborg.
Chris Jobse
Member of the Jury (Netherlands)
Chris Jobse started his musical education as a trumpet player when he was 8 years of age. He studied trumpet and orchestral conducting at the Rotterdam Conservatory and Barcelona Liceo Conservatory. His teachers were Antoni Ros-Marba and Arie van Beek. To add more depth to his knowledge he took part in masterclasses with Jean Fournet, Diego Masson and Rolf Reuter. Chris conducted many Dutch orchestras and choirs and was artistic leader of the Rotterdams Theater Orkest en opera Noord-Holland-Noord. In the last 15 years Chris specialized in the Russian Orthodox repertoire.

Since 2003 he is connected to the Tavria orchestra and the Crimean Chamber Choir in Crimea (Ukraine). After performing some successful concert programs he was invited to make a recording with the Tavria String Orchestra. At this moment he is conductor of the Den Helder String Orchestra and the Byzantijns Koor Perezwon.
Pénélope Boyer
Member of the Jury (France)
Musician, singer, composer and professor with a diploma in musical education, Pénélope Boyer began her studies at the National Music Conservatory of Toulouse before perfecting her skills in France and abroad (Marseille, Paris, St. Petersburg, Berlin). Through various musical experiences, notably musical theater and choir conducting, Pénélope specializes in learning music for a young audience but also in methods promoting links between generations and between traditional and modern cultures. This is how you will discover it in various repertoires, from the Middle Ages to contemporary music and current music. Guest choir director, it is with great pleasure that she takes part in the festival this year.
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